Friday, August 1, 2014

 Harry's house is showing real signs of getting toward 
its final building days. Lee is doing some finish work.
Monica and Francis's house has siding on two sides,
 in spite of the rain. Rod is working on ladder and Roger is holding and watching.

Paul and Ray are installing trim in the great room in Monica's house.
Karen is taking a break from painting for lunch.

Paul is preparing for the washer.

Lunch break for Tim, Aaron and Roger at Monica's. 

Below is Tim with some trim in arms. 

The next picture is Karen finishing up the painting at Harry's.

Freeman, our construction foreman is sharing some advice.
Aaron checking out the siding on Monica's house.

 The fireweed in the foreground of the house is so beautiful.
Yesterday,  in the mud, Jim and Zack began the ramp
 at the Tribal Council Center.

Today, the ramp is progressing quickly. 

The diningroom after the volunteers have made their lunch 
to take to the job sites.
Typical scene in morning: the cooks 4 wheelers, 
the fema van to pick up the volunteers. 

The local Native Annex store.

A new school has been built and this will be the first year of use. 
They have a wonderful playground for the children to enjoy, even this summer

We continue to see beauty all around us, here at Alakanuk, Alaska.

Monday, July 28, 2014

 We have had some nice sunny days for working and Saturday evening we went to the Yukon River and had a hot dog roast. 
 Stan and Mark with home owner, Francis.

 This house has a really great view of the river in Alakanuk. Mark is busy with the windows.

Stan and Steve are installing the sheeting on the interior of Francis' house. 
Our two FEMA men, on the job site. They are Mike and Robert. 

Working on the stairway to Francis' house.
 Jim and Ren are finishing the roof on the house.

 Francis is climbing the stairs into his house for the first time.

Wilbur and Francis.
 Rod and Jim finishing up the siding on Monica's house.

 Father and daughter are painting at Monica's. Emilio and Amanda are working well as a team.
 Wilbur and Mike making plans for the day.

Aaron and Zack, making sure they have made measured twice before they cut once.
 What a nice looking house that Monica will have, when all finished.

 Our police station.
 Fresh caught Haddock

We watched the cleaning of the Haddock. 
 On Saturday evening we went to the Yukon River for a Hot Dog roast. 

 The mighty Yukon.
 The guys are learning about local culture and wildlife from 
James Blowe, the city manager.
 Sunday afternoon, Wilbur and 4 others went on a boat ride to the Bering Sea
It was fun seeing the village from the water.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

 Group 2 and group 3 at Alakanuk. The states represented were Texas, California, Pennsylvania and Iowa.
 Putting siding on the gable end at Harry's.

 Stan and Steve installing ceiling in Harry's house in the Arctic porch.
 Amanda is painting, a project she loves.  Harry's home is coming along nicely.

Mark and Emilio installing plastic on interior walls at Monica's

Zack and Jim installing the walls for Monica and Francis's Arctic porch. 
 Two photos of Monica and Francis's home interior

 Aaron preparing a board for the porch crew.

 Mary purchasing groceries at the Jorgensen store.

 Ren and Wilbur making plans at Monica and Francis' home.
 Alakanuk receives all gravel by barge. The gravel piles are on the left and a barge is on the right. Today the gravel came from Mountain Village, Alaska.
 The green building is the jail, our home and dinning room are right behind, in the grey building.  Our tools are kept in the connex storage container in the front left.
 This a still a typical scene, where the fish are drying 
as they hang.
 Eileen and Martha were preparing our dinner last evening. 
 Two photos of last Sundays excursion to Emmonak
 and the Bering Sea.