Wednesday, September 3, 2014

 Group #7, as they are getting ready for their ride to Emmonak and the Bering Sea.

 On the last evening together, we enjoyed a big meal prepared by our native cooks.
 We are enjoying the last night together at our compound, August 18,  with a campfire.
 Some of the locals came to say goodbye, including Pudo, who is here with his new MDS friends.
 Cyp brought a fresh caught salmon and we cooked it over the fire and it was enjoyed by all.

MDS build these steps for an elderly couple and the replaced the roof on the Arctic porch for a friend. The roof was the final project for MDS in Alakanuk.

A typical scene of the slough along the road at Alakanuk.  It was fed by the Yukon River and then the Bering Sea. We had around 8 miles to the Bering Sea. The Yukon River is the interstate for persons living in interior Alaska.
 MDS elevated the home of Cyp and Veronica. Here we are at the dedication with them and their quilt and Bible,
 in front of their home.
 Francis and Monica and their family on their 4-wheeler.
The final home that was built was at the far end of the village of Alakanuk.  The home owners are Monica and Francis and because their baby was ill and in the hospital in Bethel, AK, they could not attend the dedication. Their daughter was present and accepted the Bible and quilt in their honor.
 Harry and Karen's family await on the steps to their new house for the home dedication.
 The joy is seen on the faces as they get the first look of their new home.
 John Eschelman, welcoming them to their home and presenting a Bible and quilt.
A note to those who follow this blog: I have been struggling with posting. I had 21 pictures all posted 7 times last weekend but when publishing to the web it disappeared. My apologies to our readers.  I will try doing shorter blogs,  with less pictures.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

houses and more

 Group 5 left for home on the 12th, except for Freeman, who stayed on as Construction Foreman.
Steps and a platform were built at each house for the meter reader.

We placed the water and sewer lines from the feeder to the house.
This was a busy week getting painting done and baseboard and all those little things that need doing.

Toby and Louis build some steps for an Elders home.
Albert welded an apron onto the back of the city dump truck.

Mary and Martha, one of the cooks sharing a moment.

Daisy sent us some fish.
Daisy came and picked up some of the guys to see and get some fish from her and Eric's drifting catch.
Sharing their big catch.

A big Salmon cleaning tonight by the Hostetler group, thanks to
Daisy and Eric.

Freeman is happy for his salmon that he is taking home.

Last night we were invited to a special potluck and Yupik Dance. The following are photos from the wonderful evening of food and dancing.

Today, Louis and Arthur are helping the city maintenance guys repair this big tire.

Today, Danny and Toby are working at the upcoming, expected to open soon, city restaurant.

The rest of the volunteers are working hard at getting the final touches on the houses in preparation for the dedications this afternoon.

We will soon be leaving this beautiful Alaskan sky.