Monday, July 21, 2014

Wild Iris

 Today, I will share some of the beauty from Alakanuk.

Beaver dam
close to our headquarters
Another patch of Wild Iris

These look like  wild Bellamosa,
 but not sure.
Cotton Grass


Some pretty little wild flowersthey look like Marsh Marigolds but not sure.

 A much used path along the river.

The most important transportation in the summer.

Friday, July 18, 2014

 We were ready for the rafters on house #2 on Thursday. We have had so much rain and they are almost sitting in water.  I just calculated and we have been here for 21 days and we have had 5 days of sunshine. Some days its just cloudy all day but no sun.  It rains almost every night.
 Planning on how the rafters are going up, led by Ryn.
 Teamwork, began by going over top and changed to going 
through door with rafters.

 More teamwork, Ryn on left top corner and Pat on 
upper right corner, attaching rafters.
 Lots of teamwork and high lifting.All rafters were man-handled 
to get them into place.

 Dan is assisting Pat and Emilio and Stan are holding rafter in place.
 Ahhhhh, the rafters are in place. Dennis, Stan, Emilio, Dan and Thomas, with Ryn on top.
 Stan and Steve cutting siding for House #1. Notice the rain coats.
 The siding is almost complete on Harry's house. Thomas and Amanda installing siding on Arctic porch.
 Robert (FEMA) and Pat making electrical plans.
 Home owner Harry is helping to side his house, along with assistants Emilio, Dennis and Thomas.
 Dan and Mark installing plastic before ceiling plywood is installed.
 Amanda and Mark making sure the ceiling is done properly.
 Ryn and Emilio inside Harry's house. Notice the insulation is all in place, windows installed also. The picture below shows the outside door to the Arctic porch.

 Wilbur and I went with Cyp and daughter, son-in-law and baby to Emmonak to get groceries on Wednesday.  Yes, I am wearing my parka, stocking cap and boots. This is inside the FishPak store.
 Cyp did such an excellent job of navigating us through 5 foot waves from the Yukon.  We had a great ride, and he has a little cabin where we could ride inside. We are finished with our first project here in Alakanuk, which was to raise Cyp's family home.
I was glad to get back to calmer waters and Alakanuk.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

 Group 1 and 2 in front of our home.
 Group 1 left Tuesday for their homes. Raven Air picked them up, only 1 hour and 10 minutes late.
 Monica and Francis's house is progressing.
 Walter and Amos continue the process of raising Cyp's house.
 Break time!  You can see the river from House #2.
 The walls are going up on #2.
 We found several abominable snowmen working for MDS.
 Sawing at house #1 by Dennis.
 Roof work by Dan.
 A typical shortcut(board walk).  This ones goes between our headquarters and the city office.
 All sewer and water lines are above ground in large insulated pipe.
 These three boys made some summer fun. They made little wooden boats and were pulling them around by a stick and string.  They did not want their pictures taken but I could take a picture of their boats.
 James Blowe, city manager and his wife came over to share thank yous for work done on the eve 
of leaving for the first group.
Mike, with FEMA ligistics, is helping at house #2.
We were invited to a Yupik dance as a thank you for our work here in the village of Alakanuk. More about this in a later post.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

 The group is having a good discussion after one of our meals.
 Amos and Walter.
 Beginning the second house.
 The water and sewer are above ground in large insulated pipes to prevent from freezing.
 Jim and Matthew, hard at work.
A family duo-Ricky and mother-in-law Margarita
 James, city manager and employee Sip.
 Pat, our electrician.
 Alakanuk, city office.
 Harry and Karen's house.  Our house #1.
 Love this common scene.
Daisy and Margarita on their way to the sauna.