Sunday, February 24, 2013

Images of South Texas 2013

 Welcome to the Rio Grande Valley.

South Padre Island Kite Show

A day trip to Boca Chica
We took our lunch,
flew kites,
hunted shell,
walked  on the beach,
took in some sun,
talked and talked, as good friends should.

to our camp ground,with Palm tree lined streets.

The trees, shrubs and flowers
 are beginning to bloom. 

The north pool.
 Love these Sky flowers.

We have some green parrots that like to roost in this park. However, they do not cooperate for picture taking.

The ever present Sudoku puzzle books that we are continually working at overcoming the challenges.
 Elsie made a Key Lime pie for our meal on Thursday eve.  Yummy!
 We grilled ham steak, had baked beans, Napa cabbage slaw and pineapple cheese salad and home grown pickled red beets.  Are we old fashioned- yes. But good food with good folks.

 The ever present internet.

On Friday we went bike riding at Bentsen State Park.
I spent some time in the bird blind and got pictures of some of the
 local birds.

The Green Jay lives in Texas, 
year round.

The hooded Oriole is just as brilliant in real life as the picture.

A younger Hooded Oriole.

A   Great Kiskadee

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Aubudon's Oriole  

Another Hooded Oriole

We also biked to the 
National Butterfly Center. 

 We walked though 
Weslaco Nature Center 
one day this week.

 Tuesday mornings, find many of our park residents at the fountain picking up Valley fresh fruits and veggies.

Just a few images of South Texas. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our winter life.


Emma said...

Your images are so beautiful! Love the colorful birds and flowers. It appears the snowbirds are having a wonderful time too. Love you guys!

Kim said...

Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a good time!

Mrs. DillyDally said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! It looks like a wonderful place and time spent with terrific friends!